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YAY, ESPN3's streaming el clasico! So pumped for this~

My friends got me a RM Ozil jersey (the purple CL away one!) for my birthday, and I'm hoping it arrives in time for Monday!

Happy thanksgiving, you guys! 
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ART DUMP jejejejeje

 what i've drawn this summer. 

oh god i hope the lj cut works because if not these pictures are ass-sized.

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I FEEL LIKE ONE DAY I WILL GET A REAL SCANNER AND SCAN STUFF... instead of just taking pictures and having to edit in photoshop (which probably takes longer than scanning would, actually, but i'm honestly too lazy to dig out a scanner, so.) i need to anyways, because i think i'm going to do a visual arts supplement for college apps. i keep saying i'm going to organize my work but i never actually do :\

SPEAKING OF COLLEGE APPS. my family is being really helpful and supportive and nice by giving me all these tips and suggestions for essays etc., but all it's really doing is making me even more reluctant to start. idk i want to skip the next six months and go right to the partying half of senior year, hahahaha.
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anyone watching the friendly?

 OH MARIO. FINALLY. <3 <3 <3 i'm so proud

btw i have art to post...... soon.................... i'm trying to get organized for college apps and i've come to realize that i hate about 99% of what i draw. 
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but i actually am leaving for a week for a conference/workshop at a college that apparently HAS NO WI-FI.......................... so i won't be able to go online for a while! (and i'll miss all the dramatic transfer rumors lolol)

to all the cool new kids from _football, sorry i am so lame, you'll probably find i'm boring anyways! all i do on here is post crappy old sketches but yeah

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i have to say that quite frankly, this has not been of the better spring breaks. you'd think that all the quiet and introspective alone-time would have propelled me to drawing something worthwhile, but unfortunately that has yet to happen. everything i create is focused on textures and has a pretentious name like 'effigy' or 'elegy' or 'phototropism'

anyways, i was thinking today after running (note to self: do not run in the cold. running in the cold gives me headaches.) when im all grown up and married in my ideal life with my ideal house and ideal job, im going to shanghai my ideal husband into buying wood planks from the local home depot and building me a terraced herb garden on the back deck overlooking our ideal backyard (green green grass, hammock, lots of daisies)

there's maybe room for a zen garden in there but i'd have to work that in with the landscape artist

of course this is all speculative

i really love richard siken's poetry. he was the first poet i ever really admired so he has this special little corner of my heart
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post 12

sketch dump

referenced from a photo of fever ray. below: the back, inspired by chuck palahniuk. 

figure study. katherine. 

assignment. color study for self-portrait. 

and now the start of a NEW sketchbook

ginsberg fairytale.

on the bus to nyc.

a smaller version of another similar post-note-collage work that i haven't photographed yet.

spring break finally! 
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post 11

why do we have, like, a 50-page biology packet fmlfmlfmflmflmfl

bedroom wall mural. around.. 7 feet tall. windmill largely inspired by JOFX's work

the blizzard that got us a two-week break. at first it was just the cabin and like, plain canvas everywhere else because HEY SNOW IS WHITE 

photobucket is dumb and i'm too impatient to wait for sketches to upload soooo this is it!

happy palindrome day 01022010